Welcome 2019-Reviews 2018
We would like to welcoming you for the year 2019. When you would like to find the affordable and living with locals style in Bunaken National Park, do not hesitate to book with us for this year. Here are some references for you from our guest reviews last year 2018.
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Bunaken Kuskus Guests Review 2017
Need to Maintain: cooks were great. menu varied and the food very good. cleaning staff were very efficient. dive and boat operations were good. great diving. overall the folks were very helpful and friendly. by ken roger Runned by locals which is a big plus. Super n
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Why Bunaken?
In September 2012, Dr Mark Erdmann and Dr Gerry Allen were visiting Manado as Guest Lecturers for a biology workshop. At the same time they conducted a survey of fish species to measure the marine biodiversity in North Sulawesi, and it threw up some most absolutely amaz
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Bunaken Kuskus Online Payment