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A Small Resort With Great Hospitality

Cottages - Bunaken Kuskus Resort (BKR)

Welcome to Bunaken Kuskus Resort (BKR) on Bunaken island, a diving resort near Manado, North Sulawesi. BKR, a small diving resort that prioritises high quality service, has operated since 2004. Our staff are friendly and service oriented and will help you to enjoy a relaxing and memorable holiday. Located on Pangalisang beach, BKR enjoys a peaceful environment surrounded by coconut trees and fronting directly on to the beach. You can even snorkel at the reef just in front of our cottages, with a stunning drop off with myriad types of fish just 50 metres from shore.

Accommodation at BKR is in traditional-style Minahasan wooden houses that are fully furnished. Each cottage has a unique bathroom design, with a small tropical water garden and western-style shower room.

Traditional food in Banana leaf

We provide full board, with traditional Indonesian food as our main menu. We also offer freshly-prepared, locally-sourced food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including fresh vegetables and tropical fruits such as bananas, pineapple, papaya and mangos, with barbequed fish being our speciality.

We can organise any kind of diving session, with a maximum of 4 dives in any one day. All the dive sites around Bunaken are close to each other and only 15 minutes boat ride from BKR. We restrict each diving session to small groups of between two to four people, who will be accompanied by an experienced dive master.
Our tailor-made service can also help you to undertake underwater still and video photography and scientific research around Bunaken.

At BKR we appreciate the importance of conserving Bunaken’s unique environment and our crews make sure they preserve the coral reefs, fish and other wildlife.

Bunaken Kuskus Resort has regular event to increase capacity of the Bunaken Villagers to learn how to be good in tourism and increase the quality of life, we provide English learning for free and gave support to the fisherfolk children who has no uniform to go to the school. The English course is given by the volunteer from the student of  University and also from the guest who would like to participate, normally the classes is in Bunaken Beach arround the island.

More reasons to join us here at BKR :

  1. Luxurious and comfortable bungalows with a small tropical water garden in shower/wet room.
  2. Safety is our priority, with small dive groups and no more than three guests to one guide.
  3. Delicious local cooking and traditional regional food.
  4. Affordable dive packages.
  5. Professional, experienced and hospitable staff.